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September 27, 2019
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6 Tips to Finish the Year Strong

Every year millions will make a New Year’s resolutions and many of them will be fitness related. On average only 8% of people will actually see their resolutions out to the end.

Are you part of the 92% who throws in the towel? If so, I am here to tell you that it does not have to be you this year!

You can decide that this is the year that you finish strong.

Perhaps your resolution needs a little tweaking, that does not mean you can’t still reach your goals before the year is out!

You simply have to decide that you are worth it and it is worth the personal investment in yourself.

1. Redefine Your Goals

So you made some goals months ago, it is time to sit down and reevaluate if those goals are still realistic and if you have made any progress toward them.

It is okay to change your goals and redefine what is important and realistic to you.

Take some time to write out new goals. While you are writing those down, jot down exactly why these goals are important to you.

If there is not enough motivation behind the goal it’s likely that it will not get meet in the months to follow.

2. Start Now

Do not wait until next week or next month to start striving toward your goals. Choose to start today, right now.

You don’t need a new day to start you just have to decide that you truly want it bad enough and do what it takes to get there.

There is no written rule that says you have to start on a Monday, or the first of the month, or even the first of the year.

Your goals will be reached the sooner you get started.

3. Forgive Yourself

Whether you have loosely stuck to your goals or never even started, you have to learn to forgive yourself and move on.

It does you no good to dwell on the goals that you have not reached. You have to decide that today is the day you make a change.

Try to focus on the things you have accomplished this year and use them as momentum to keep moving forward.

No matter how big or small, progress is still progress and it is a great place to start.

4. Make It A Priority

It is easy to spend our lives making sure we take care of others while forgetting to take care of ourselves.

You have to make sure you treat yourself like a priority and stick to the commitments you make to yourself throughout the year.

Set goals that are realistic to you during this season of your life. You do not have to have huge goals that are unattainable.

Focus on a few small goals that you want to see out to the end this year.

5. Reward Yourself

After you have taken some time to set up some realistic goals for the end of the year think of a way to reward yourself when you reach those goals.

Sometimes you need a little incentive to get things rolling.

Maybe it is a mini vacation to the mountains, a treat meal, or that new outfit you have had your eye on, either way, decide that you will treat yourself once you reach that goal and not a minute sooner.

Hold yourself accountable and make sure you put in the work each day to get yourself that reward!

6. Make Yourself A Promise

You would not go back on a promise you made your friend, so do not do it to yourself. Decide that you are worth the work and dedication it takes finish out the year strong.

Part of making yourself a priority is making yourself a promise that you are going to see this out to the end.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the idea that things can only happen January 1st.

Set yourself up to have the best head start to the new year!

Finishing Strong

No matter what it looks like to you, finish this year out strong.

You set out on a goal January 1st and whether you stayed on track to finish it or fell off along the way, you still have plenty of time to bounce back and finish the year out with a bang.

What if we decided to finish the year as strong as we started it?

We get it in our minds that by the time the holidays roll around, we can slack off and just get back to it at New Year’s.

We fill our plates and bellies with holiday goodness and ignore the amount of work it will take to get us back to where we currently are.

Do not throw in the towel just because the year is winding down. Decide now that you want to start the year off ahead of the game. You want to show up before the ball drops on a new year.

Take some time to reevaluate where you are and where you want to be headed.

There is no reason you can’t finish out this year stronger than ever!


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