About Jab Boxing Fitness Club

Jab Boxing Fitness Club is a great boxing club located in Johannesburg offering exciting and rewarding workouts within a social atmosphere, here people learn the skills of boxing whilst improving their strength and fitness.

The main goal of Jab Boxing Fitness Club is to improve the overall fitness, skill, co-ordination, health, confidence and boxing skill of it’s members and help them to attain their fitness goals through boxing training. We also cater for the more serious boxing member for those who wish to compete in the amateur boxing circuit – if you have the ambition, heart and will, come and join us!

Jab has great trainers who focus on ensuring that all members feel welcome, get a great workout and keep challenging them to improve their bodies through boxing fitness and toughness training.

When the members of Jab Boxing Fitness Club were asked what do they love about the club; descriptions such as: “great workout,” “awesome atmosphere,” “improvement of member’s fitness, skill and co-ordination” and “great trainers” were among the things mentioned. “Community” was one of the main attractions that our members said that they loved about the club. People have come to Jab Boxing Fitness Club not only for the great, full-body workout.

People have fallen in love at Jab, made great friends through Jab and become more motivated as they train in an awesome atmosphere where everyone feels like they’re training with their friends in a safe, non-judgmental and fun environment.

History of Jab Boxing Fitness Club

Jab Boxing Fitness Club is built upon a legacy of boxing.

The co-founder of Jab Boxing Fitness Club, Brett Taylor, is a former South African Welterweight Boxing Champion. His father before him, Bernie Taylor, was also a former South African boxing champion.

During this time, Due to the popularity of the boxing training from the Taylor garage, more space was needed to accommodate more people joining and they started running a boxing club from a church hall in Weltevreden. Soon Brett, Byron, Grant, Kurt and Meagan decided to take the boxing club to the next level.

Brett’s son; Byron Taylor grew up with a passion for boxing and asked Brett to train him and some friends from his garage at home. So Brett Taylor, Byron Taylor and Brett’s brother: Wayne Taylor started training people from their garage in 2000.
Kurt Pacak, Grant Pacak and Meagan Buys started boxing training and they developed their own passion and skills for boxing over the years and joined up with Byron to establish a formal club, they called that club: Jab & Boxing Fitness Club and continued to do boxing training from a studio at Hillcrest Shopping Centre in 2012.

In late 2014 due to their love for the club, boxing training and history of solid competitive fighting: Shane Duvenage, Shanna and Grant Sutherland proposed the purchase and transfer of the club them.
All happily agreed that the move was for the best and in the best hands, so we then upgrade to a safer, more ‘top-notch’ facility with more parking, equipment and great energy! Come join us at 11 Fountaingate centre, 84 Maria street, Fontainebleau and see the injection of energy, love and passion for the sport we’ve created!

Employees and members of Jab Boxing Fitness Club continue and will continue to strive towards the growth of the club and its members, making it the best boxing and fitness club it can be!