Membership Fees

Rand for Rand we are one of the most
affordable Boxing and Fitness Clubs in Johannesburg.

You can workout as many times a week - in the morning & in the evening - for a monthly fee (as listed below). You decide how many times you want to work out and we ensure you receive the best workout under our personal care.

Membership Package Options

A joining registration fee of R150 is payable annually

Cash Payment
3 Monthly
Debit Order
6 Monthly
Debit Order
3 Months
Advance Payment
6 Months
Advance Payment
Amateurs R 760 R 740 R 700 R 2 220 R4 000
Adults R 640 R 620 R 580 R 1 810 R 3 400
Students R 580 R 540 R 520 R 1 600 R 3 000 
Scholars/Kids R 520 R 480 R 450 R 1 440  R 2 600

Training Options

Whether you want to take boxing to the next level, or you are training for a big event, or you just want to improve your fitness levels, our training options offer something for everyone, no matter your level or skill.

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