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September 3, 2018
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What Equipment Do You Need to Start Boxing

Getting Started

What Equipment Do You Need to Start Boxing

Everyone makes a big deal about exercise and getting fit. Not only is exercise vitally important for the body, it is also great for the brain. We think one of the best sports to do for exercise is boxing (obviously). A panel of experts ranked boxing as the sport requiring the most athleticism. However, don’t let that scare you. Boxing is something you can get really good at with time and effort. And for some people, boxing is primarily used as a tool to work out, and nothing more.

Why Train Boxing?

I have been boxing for over a year now and I can say it has done a tremendous amount of good for me. Along with building great endurance, it has built a lot of upper body muscles from the drills we do. But more than that, it has improved my hand-eye coordination and spatial awareness; boxing has made me better at all the other sports I play. But I think the most important thing boxing has done for me is it has built mental toughness and adversity. Although you don’t have to spar when you train at a boxing gym, sparring is highly encouraged as it simulates what a real boxing match (or fight) is like. Before boxing, I was fearful of getting hit, especially in the face. But by sparring, I am able to take the pain of being hit, and take being hit without flinching. That in essence is the most valuable thing you can learn from boxing—being mentally tough and calm in the face of physical adversity. The mental toughness built by training how to box is more beneficial than any of the physical benefits I have gotten from boxing.

What You Need to Get Started Boxing

Getting started boxing doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t need fancy equipment, but here are the few basics you do need to get started:

Now that you are ready, come box at JAB Boxing Fitness Club.

You don't need to bring your own equipment. Our Club is fully stocked with everything you will need for your first lesson.

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